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Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I'm supposed to be writing the conclusion to a paper, but I'm procrastinating. ssh, don't tell my writing group or co-author.

I thought a good use of my procrastination would be to write down some of the things about Evelyn that make us laugh and love her more each day. Oh, dear, I do sound like one of "those" moms. I apologize, but man this kid is cute.

1. We've completely forgotten what her first word was. Oops.
2. She has so many more words each day it is mind blowing. Last night she said "Eat orange. Right now!" Pretty sure we can thank the Landry's for that "right now" part. She loves to be "chased," but she doesn't quiet get how it is supposed to work. At best she will run from you shouting "I got me! I got me!" and worst she will just sit there and laugh while you try to get her to run away.
3. She loves to eat seeds--any kind of seed. Okra, cucumber, coriander, etc.
4. She is beautiful. Her hair lands in soft waves framing her perfectly porcelain skin and huge, gorgeous, blue eyes.
5. She loves the number 8. Loves it.


  1. Sarah, will you now forgive me for not remembering what your first word was? (Of course, I remember your brother's...I think.)

  2. Biscuit - I think Evelyn and Vivian could be sisters. She is also in the confused line of "chase" - loving the concept, but doing lots of random things when "chase" starts. So cute. And she loves seeds too. Finds them wherever she can. I think half of it is that she likes saying "seeds". And 8 is her favorite too. She finds it eveywhere. She found it while walking down an aisle at the library - it was on a spine of a thick book. Stopped her cold. Thankfully, that was my number when I played - hope she's channeling my throws and get's Adam's ability to sky and layout. Hope you're doing well. xoxo J9

  3. I thought this would post the date I started writing the post--which was back in Sept. Evelyn has moved far beyond "Eat orange! Right now!" Last night was "I don't want squash. I want more meat!"